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Begin learningThe decision to see a psychiatrist is not an easy decision; however, it is often a decision that can dramatically improve the quality of a person’s life. Mental health issues rob people of their peace of mind, their joy, and their ability to reach their full potential. Depression is a leading cause of disability. Stress and anxiety are leading causes of all types of physical ailments and diseases. Unfortunately there are many people that still believe that mental health problems are caused by character weakness. Fortunately, the blossoming of neuroscience has helped debunk such stigmatizing myths by demonstrating that mental and emotional ailments are directly related to genetics, brain structure, and abnormalities in neural circuitry caused by a combination of internal/external and nature/nuture factors. Today more than any other time previously we have many possible treatment options available for any given psychiatric difficulty.

I evaluate each unique individual I see in a holistic, comprehensive manner encompassing all aspects of their life. I aim to get to know each of my patients personally so that I can provide the best treatment for that individual. As a psychiatrist I am trained as a medical physician and so have the knowledge and understanding of how the body works, and how all the systems in the body interact. This training is especially important in understanding a person’s nervous system and how their nervous system dictates their behavior, but also their overall physical, mental, emotional, relational, occupational, and spiritual health.

As a psychiatrist I am able to prescribe medication if necessary; however, I am proud to say that I don’t always prescribe medication, and I have several patients that I treat with psychotherapy (talk therapy) alone. I enjoy educating patients about their nervous systems and it’s impact on how they feel and function.

Treatment begins with an initial appointment. Some people prefer to meet with me for a brief time initially such as 15-30 minutes in order to determine whether working with me would be the right fit for them. Generally an initial evaluation takes about 1 1/2 hours, sometimes shorter or longer depending on the complexity of the person’s problem. Follow-up is extraordinarily important. Patients should not expect to find relief from meeting for just an initial evaluation and then never again. Good psychiatric treatment is a process. It takes time, patience and collaboration between the patient and treatment provider. It is a commitment, but an extremely worthwhile one that can make the difference between a happy or sad life.

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